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CIMG6989 (640x480)

I achieved this effect shooting through the glass pane’s of a bus stop.

I think part of what appeals so much to me about this photograph is the intriguing effect of the overlapping images of buildings. The viewer clearly knows the subject, yet the overlap gives just the right amount of pause as the brain tries to figure out exactly which facade is part of which building.


All in a Row

CIMG7002 (480x640)This intriguing photo looks like it could be any number of things. I’m not going to spoil the fun as you ponder the possibilities; however, I will just comment that I made sure to spice up the symmetry by situating the metal circles towards the top of the photograph, giving a raised feeling to the photo (just imagine the feeling the photo would evoke if the metal circles were at the bottom!)


CIMG6932 (640x480)
This picture has been digitally enhanced to give it a little more “personality.” I added a ripple effect, and this not only gave the objects more of a “live” feel, but also created a touch of mystery as the viewer wonders what exactly is the writhing subject of the photo.


CIMG6942 (640x480)I must admit that this picture is neither intriguing nor artistic. It is simply a tranquil scene that I thought would make a pleasant photograph.

It’s wonderful to live in a world where there are such restful havens waiting to be found.

Metallic bark

CIMG6908 (640x480)Much of what makes a picture intriguing is when the mind needs to take a second look to figure out what in fact it is viewing. This is an example, albeit maybe not the best, where the peeling metal gives an impression of tree bark. Now the mind is in a quandry: is this a overly grey tree or maybe some other object that somehow shares this treelike quality?

Lights, Camera, Action!

CIMG5118 (640x427)I remember looking around with my camera for something interesting to shoot, and suddenly I looked up and saw this great shot.

What I like so much about this particular artistic photograph is the way that it just pulls you right in. The circular shapes, with their irregular, almost twirling configuration, create a whirlpool effect that only heightens the experience.

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