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The Flower and the Fly

IMG_0156_smI’m so happy my camera was able to zoom in on this scene. The flower was shifted to the left-of-center to balance its facing to the right. The fly perched on the flower’s pistil adds an artistic touch.

If anyone knows the name of this flower, I’d really appreciate it!


Bamboo Tree

IMG_0143_smlThe bamboo fence gives an Oriental feel to this photograph while the tree shadow  cast onto it creates a touch of mystery to qualify it as an artistic photograph.

“Saturn” Surrounded by Leaves

IMG_0243_smlThe light fixture makes a bold subject in this artistic photograph. The white ring encircling it is suggestive of  the planet Saturn while the vines of ivy add personality and character.

Imposing Windmill at Night

IMG_0096 - 640x480Windmills are typically photographed in rural settings that evoke the quaint charm of the past. To make this subject more artistic, I’ve broken all of those norms.

Watery Wonder

IMG_0113 - sm

The interplay between the water-like droplets and the broad swatches of color create a most fascinating picture.

This intriguing effect was achieved by … Well, if I told you, then it would lose its mystery. But if you are really curious, click here.

Going, going, gone!

IMG_0001 - CopyAlthough the subject is instantly recognizable, I believe this still qualifies as an intriguing and artistic photograph. The sense of depth achieved by the unusual angle of the shot combined with the curve of the fence as it trails off from view definitely makes it a favorite in my opinion.