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Bug cut-out and plants against an orange wall background

2013-02-13_14-48-23_534_sm_smlLayout of this photo is balanced by the wooden bug cut-out on the far left “facing” towards the right of the photograph. The unusual orange colored wall adds interest as well as a nice contrast to the green plants in the foreground.

You never know what you’ll see just walking around town!



Black and White, M. C. Escher-esque

2013-02-06_16-43-35_215_smlAmorphous shapes made of glistening droplets of water on a black marble background all combine in a rather intriguing photograph.

The circular movement hinted to by the arrangement of the water droplets as well as the weak “color” contrast on the lower right which slowly becomes more differentiated as the eye is drawn to the higher contrast on the right gives me a feel of something similar to M.C. Esher painting.


IMG_0174b_smlThis artistic picture was accomplished with the help of an uneven windowpane which acted as a distortion filter while also causing a doubling and tripling effect of the building. I also like the rich golden hue of the building which contrasts nicely with the blue sky.


Searing Heat


The gentle waves and harsh intensity of color (with a hint of relief in the darker “skyline”) combine to create a very artistic photo.

I must admit, that in order to achieve the intense feeling of heat, I played around with the hue and saturation. The result is something reminiscent of the surface of the sun.


Spheres of Influence

IMG_0116_cropped_smlAs I’ve mentioned, what makes a photograph intriguing is when the mind can’t quite figure out what the eyes are viewing. Thanks to macro photography, this subject is sufficiently obscure to defy identification.

In any case, I like the interplay of the silver disks and the active feeling of movement from all of the circular, overlapping shapes.

Eco-Friendly Car

2013-02-06_14-59-02_214_adj_sml_smlIn this intriguing photo, the “car” almost looks like it is gazing out from its peaceful resting spot. The other metallic objects scattered around the scene add to the artistic composition, while balance to the photo is provided by the larger bicycle wheel on the top left being offset by the large foliage on the lower right.


Artistic Flowerpot