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Archive for March, 2013


Shadow Cast onto a Cactus

2013-03-01_06-31-36_301_smlThe morning sun’s rays produced this beautiful and delicate shadow of a weed cast onto a backdrop of a cactus.



Row of Cars at Night

2013-02-17_22-42-50_885_smlThe sheen of the streetlights reflecting off the row of cars combined with the gritty texture of the photograph give a feeling of stillness yet tension. Sort of like the unsettling quiet that makes you think something is about to happen.


Vegetables and Fresh Bread


I felt that this simple selection of food at a nearby store made for an interesting photograph.


Pink Flowers

2013-02-13_14-51-20_489_smlI saw these exquisite flowers and couldn’t resist taking a picture. Talk about a beautiful color!