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Building in a Reflection

2013-02-27_15-16-18_321I really like the artistic effect of the overlapping images created by the reflection off a storefront window.




2013-03-28_13-34-05_661_smlI loved the layout and composition of this photo. Unfortunately, it was out of focus. Undaunted, I added Dark Stroke and Sharpen filters to give it an artistic flair. I really like the touched up version.

Bird on top of a tree

2013-03-22_07-19-07_714_smlI like the feel of tranquil solitude in this photo.


Feast on a Flower


Spiky Cactus Close-up

2013-03-28_12-26-46_838_smlThe interweaving of these cactus needles is simultaneously beautiful and dangerous.


Sunlight on a Grassy Hill

2013-03-27_16-18-19_476_smlI really like the way the sun highlights some of the grass blowing in the wind as well as the glare on the left.

Bug on a Rug

2013-03-21_14-34-03_404_smlI wanted a feeling of movement in the picture, so I cropped it with the bug near the top as if it had climbed all the way up the towel.


Empty Bench in Sepia


Artistic Flower

This post is about a great picture of a flower I took … except that it was a little out of focus, as you can see here.2013-03-22_07-15-14_4_sml
I didn’t want to just give up on it though, so I threw it through Dry Brush and Sharpen filters to touch it up. I think the results were quite nice.