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Raindrops on a Metal Bar



Metalic Monstrosity



Study in Movement


Eco-Friendly Car

2013-02-06_14-59-02_214_adj_sml_smlIn this intriguing photo, the “car” almost looks like it is gazing out from its peaceful resting spot. The other metallic objects scattered around the scene add to the artistic composition, while balance to the photo is provided by the larger bicycle wheel on the top left being offset by the large foliage on the lower right.

Metallic bark

CIMG6908 (640x480)Much of what makes a picture intriguing is when the mind needs to take a second look to figure out what in fact it is viewing. This is an example, albeit maybe not the best, where the peeling metal gives an impression of tree bark. Now the mind is in a quandry: is this a overly grey tree or maybe some other object that somehow shares this treelike quality?