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Colorful Glass




Spheres of Influence

IMG_0116_cropped_smlAs I’ve mentioned, what makes a photograph intriguing is when the mind can’t quite figure out what the eyes are viewing. Thanks to macro photography, this subject is sufficiently obscure to defy identification.

In any case, I like the interplay of the silver disks and the active feeling of movement from all of the circular, overlapping shapes.

All in a Row

CIMG7002 (480x640)This intriguing photo looks like it could be any number of things. I’m not going to spoil the fun as you ponder the possibilities; however, I will just comment that I made sure to spice up the symmetry by situating the metal circles towards the top of the photograph, giving a raised feeling to the photo (just imagine the feeling the photo would evoke if the metal circles were at the bottom!)