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Leaves Through a Fence




A Different Perspective


Bamboo Tree

IMG_0143_smlThe bamboo fence gives an Oriental feel to this photograph while the tree shadow  cast onto it creates a touch of mystery to qualify it as an artistic photograph.

Going, going, gone!

IMG_0001 - CopyAlthough the subject is instantly recognizable, I believe this still qualifies as an intriguing and artistic photograph. The sense of depth achieved by the unusual angle of the shot combined with the curve of the fence as it trails off from view definitely makes it a favorite in my opinion.

All in a Row

CIMG7002 (480x640)This intriguing photo looks like it could be any number of things. I’m not going to spoil the fun as you ponder the possibilities; however, I will just comment that I made sure to spice up the symmetry by situating the metal circles towards the top of the photograph, giving a raised feeling to the photo (just imagine the feeling the photo would evoke if the metal circles were at the bottom!)